A great day in one of our covers.

Join us for a grouse and woodcock hunt on Benelli’s “American Bird Hunter”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNb6CiSCOEc  with my good friend Tom Knapp a couple years before his passing…experience it for yourself.

July/August 2016 issue…Shooting Sportsman Magazine:


It features a couple days of ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting with good friend Ralph Stuart, Editor Shooting Sportsman Magazine.

Minnesota has long been recognized as one of the leading states in ruffed grouse and woodcock populations. It is home for our ruffed grouse and woodcock camp, the foundation for all our bird hunts. We hunt 35-40 days each fall from September through October. Our hunting coverts in central and northern Minnesota are made up of aspen cuts, swamp edges and a pine mix of habitat. We do not guarantee easy shooting. Quite the opposite, in fact! The covers are thick and shooting opportunities fleeting. You will be challenged. Steve keeps 6-8 setters on the truck each day, hunting a brace of setters that sweep the cover with speed and grace. The finesse and manners of these setters provide our hunters high quality shooting. They’re staunch to point, steady on game and hunt for the gun. They will mesmerize you.

A typical day begins with a hearty breakfast and morning plans. Hunting a variety of covers, we keep daily flush and harvest counts as not to over hunt our covers. We have more covers than we can hunt.

Coverts change annually as they mature, or a new piece of ground has been clear cut. We have over 100 covers we hunt and vary in size. We try to tailor our hunts based on our hunters, some a short 1 hour and some 2-3 hour hunts. We hunt everything, logging roads, swap edges, down deep where the king lives. We try to hunt 4-5 covers each day with time in the truck between covers to rest those weary legs. The terrain is pretty flat. It’s an easy walk if it was not for the blow downs, dead falls and tangles, however all places where grouse live. Ruffed grouse will use its habitat better than any other game bird, beating you when you had him stone cold. It is for that reason the ruffed grouse is such a trophy bird. We have great respect for them and know you will also gain respect for the “King” of the woods.

Please note, my 2016 lodge and schedule is full. We are presently booking for 2017. We welcome your call about questions and to be placed on a list in the event of cancellations.

Online non resident hunting licenses can be purchased at:


All hunts are inclusive, with meals / beverages, lodging, guiding, field transportation, bird processing, etc. included in our hunts. We set a daily maximum of 12 hunters, with no more than 2 guns per guide and the use of double guns only. Non hunters are very welcome; however there will be an additional daily fee.

Perhaps our best kept secret is the gourmet dining and social hour, gracefully hosted by our warm and wonderful staff. Their smile and warmth will melt away the cold. The interest in our hunts, and their own passion for this sport is contagious. You will look forward to the evening dinner and culinary skills which bring a wonderful end to a great day – sure to make you smile!

Fall in Minnesota is breathtaking; we hope you will spend part of it with us, hunting the covers and logging roads of this great state.

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